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Touch.Unit vs NUnitLite 1.0

In case you have not noticed NUnitLite has picked up speed in the last few months. Xamarin.iOS 7.0 shipped with NUnitLite 0.9 – itself announced right before WWDC2013, i.e. when the 6.9 series began its summer-alpha life. Then just a … Continue reading

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Random Changes

and by random changes I mean changes to Random. Here’s what’s affected by the change: Performance The old algorithm used by Mono was not very efficient, even less on system where floating-point computations are slow. The new algorithm, JKISS, is … Continue reading

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Graphics vs Resolution Independance

I love my retina iPad (and retina iPod Touch, but no retina MacBook yet) and I hate seeing applications that does not support them, it’s wasting pixels. However I’m not exactly an artist – as seen in yesterday’s screenshots. In … Continue reading

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AirPlay vs iOS API

This post should not be a big surprise. As you might have guessed I had other ideas with my AppleTV. I think there’s a large, untapped potential in the AppleTV to be used with/from other devices. Collaboration, visualization and of … Continue reading

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Touch.Unit vs NUnitLite 0.7

Last week Charlie Poole released NUnitLite 0.7. This new release greatly reduce the feature gap between the older 0.6 release and the upcoming NUnit 3. I know people will rejoice having Assert.AreEqual(x,y) back as it is simpler than the Assert.That … Continue reading

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Linker vs Bindings and IsDirectBinding

If you looked at my previous entries related to the linker and bindings: NewRefcount, UI thread checks, Runtime.Arch or at MonoTouch‘s generated bindings source code then you likely noticed another common pattern, e.g. The use of IsDirectBinding (line #6) is … Continue reading

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Managed Crypto vs CommonCrypto : Deciphering results

After the hash algorithms the next part of MonoTouch‘s switch to CommonCrypto covers the symmetric ciphers, commonly referred to CommonCryptor. This includes: DESCryptoServiceProvider, TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider, RC2CryptoServiceProvider and parts of RijndaelManaged inside mscorlib.dll; ARC4Managed inside Mono.Security.dll; and AESManaged inside System.Core.dll Those are … Continue reading

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