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/dev/crypto support in Crimson

Remember Crimson ? Back in 2006, you know the year of the linux desktop ;-), I started a new project/repo for people who wanted to contribute alternative cryptographic implementations for Mono (or .NET). That did not get much traction but … Continue reading

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Andr.Unit features parity

Andr.Unit was updated this weekend to reach feature parity with Touch.Unit. What does it means ? Network logging for test results and automation helpers are now available in Andr.Unit. Only that ? Almost, there’s a few bug fixes too, e.g. … Continue reading

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Kobo Vox : Initial impressions of a developer

I really wanted an original Amazon Kindle – really. In fact too much to wait for them to become available in Canada. So I first got a Sony PRS505, then one (and a second) Sony PRS300 and last summer a … Continue reading

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Andr.Unit joins the family

I had the chance to play with Mono for Android last Thursday and Friday – and continued over the weekend. I had planned to do a bit on Windows to test the new installer but my not yet 6 months … Continue reading

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