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Touch.Unit vs NUnitLite 0.7

Last week Charlie Poole released NUnitLite 0.7. This new release greatly reduce the feature gap between the older 0.6 release and the upcoming NUnit 3. I know people will rejoice having Assert.AreEqual(x,y) back as it is simpler than the Assert.That … Continue reading

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Linker vs Bindings and IsDirectBinding

If you looked at my previous entries related to the linker and bindings: NewRefcount, UI thread checks, Runtime.Arch or at MonoTouch‘s generated bindings source code then you likely noticed another common pattern, e.g. The use of IsDirectBinding (line #6) is … Continue reading

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Managed Crypto vs CommonCrypto : Deciphering results

After the hash algorithms the next part of MonoTouch‘s switch to CommonCrypto covers the symmetric ciphers, commonly referred to CommonCryptor. This includes: DESCryptoServiceProvider, TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider, RC2CryptoServiceProvider and parts of RijndaelManaged inside mscorlib.dll; ARC4Managed inside Mono.Security.dll; and AESManaged inside System.Core.dll Those are … Continue reading

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Managed Crypto vs CommonCrypto : Digesting results

As part of MonoTouch‘s switch to CommonCrypto most of the digest (hash) algorithm implementations were changed to use CommonDigest. This includes: MD5CryptoServiceProvider, SHA1[CryptoServiceProvider|Managed], SHA256Managed, SHA384Managed and SHA512Managed inside mscorlib.dll; and MD2Managed, MD4Managed and SHA224Managed inside Mono.Security.dll If you know well … Continue reading

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