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Managed Crypto vs CommonCrypto

A bit of history… Mono has always provided fully managed implementations of almost every cryptographic algorithms supported by .NET, either directly (in the base class libraries) or indirectly (e.g. additional algorithms required for X.509 or SSL/TLS support). That approach gets … Continue reading

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Linker versus Customization

MonoTouch 5.3.3 (alpha) has been released with lots of new goodies (and I can predict a few blog posts about them). Let’s start slowly since it’s already the end of the week… There’s a lot of ways to customize how … Continue reading

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Touch.Unit Automation Revisited

The basics for test automation have been in place for a while. However that was more potential for automation that real automation. Too many things, outside the Touch.Unit application, were still missing. Since that time Rolf has filled those missing … Continue reading

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