Andr.Unit features parity

Andr.Unit was updated this weekend to reach feature parity with Touch.Unit.

What does it means ? Network logging for test results and automation helpers are now available in Andr.Unit.

Only that ? Almost, there’s a few bug fixes too, e.g. setting options, viewing html links. Seriously the runner’s job is a small one, the framework was the key that simply needed an easy way to be used on devices.

Note that the same server can be used for Andr.Unit and Touch.Unit since it’s simply receiving and saving an UFT8 stream.

About spouliot

Xamarin Hacker, Mono Contributor, Open Source Enthusiast with strong interests in Code Analysis, Cryptography and Security. Presently working on MonoTouch, previous projects were Moonlight and libgdiplus and a lot of the cryptographic work done on Mono.
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