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Touch.Unit getting closer to you

Have you noticed that: MonoTouch 5.1 (beta) is out ? MonoTouch.Dialog.dll is bundled within ?? MonoTouch.NUnitLite.dll is also part of the package ??? What’s that ? It’s Touch.Unit main assembly, i.e. where the runner logic, UI and NUnitLite code resides. … Continue reading

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Linker vs Serialization

The linker does not always play well with serialization. By nature serializers are a bit too dynamic about what they do, making the linker’s job harder than usual. Each of them also has some specific requirements, e.g. for XML serialization: … Continue reading

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Andr.Unit features parity

Andr.Unit was updated this weekend to reach feature parity with Touch.Unit. What does it means ? Network logging for test results and automation helpers are now available in Andr.Unit. Only that ? Almost, there’s a few bug fixes too, e.g. … Continue reading

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Kobo Vox : Initial impressions of a developer

I really wanted an original Amazon Kindle – really. In fact too much to wait for them to become available in Canada. So I first got a Sony PRS505, then one (and a second) Sony PRS300 and last summer a … Continue reading

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Linker vs Linked Away exceptions

“Linked Away” exceptions. Have you seen them ? They can sneak upon you when you switch from the simulator builds, which defaults to “Don’t link”, to device builds, which defaults to “Link SDK assemblies only”. What’s happening ? The linker … Continue reading

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