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Andr.Unit joins the family

I had the chance to play with Mono for Android last Thursday and Friday – and continued over the weekend. I had planned to do a bit on Windows to test the new installer but my not yet 6 months … Continue reading

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Linker vs Backing Fields

It’s been a while since I blogged about the MonoTouch linker. It has mostly remain unchanged since the initial updates from Xamarin – but quite a few things will be coming up in the next releases. The first is how … Continue reading

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Touch.Unit Automation

I’ve been hinting about automation but so far it was not easy to run Touch.Unit unattended. That’s improving with the latest committed bits. First you can set (e.g. inside AppDelegate.cs) the test runner AutoStart property to true to ensure the … Continue reading

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Touch.Unit Network Logger

Last night I committed one of the few things I really wanted to add to Touch.Unit : network logging. Now you can run your unit tests, on device(s) or on the simulator, and have the logs sent to a network … Continue reading

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